Max Protein muscles up SEO with 1702 Digital: 281% keyword growth drives Organic Traffic

Max Protein muscles up SEO with 1702 Digital: 281% keyword growth drives Organic Traffic

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Founded in 2006, Max Protein had an optimistic vision to help customers adopt a healthy lifestyle through its products. They were the first homegrown brand in India to launch protein bars in the highly-competitive consumer goods market. Their exquisite spread also included peanut butters, protein cookies, granola, protein chips and more.

Challenge: Reaching New Customers Through Search

Max Protein, a well-established Indian protein bar brand, sought to expand their online reach. While brand recognition was strong, attracting new customers through organic search presented an opportunity. They needed an SEO strategy that targeted relevant keywords and improved website visibility.

Solution: Optimizing for Search Intent

1702 Digital implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. This included:

Keyword Research and Targeting: Identifying relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition. Examples included “protein bars in India” and “best protein bars for weight loss.”

Content Creation: Developing high-quality, informative content optimized for targeted keywords. This content educated potential customers and improved website ranking.

Technical SEO Optimization: Addressing technical website issues to enhance user experience and search engine crawling. This involved optimizing page speed, mobile responsiveness, and site structure.

Results: A Surge in Organic Traffic

1702 Digital’s SEO efforts yielded impressive results:

Keyword Ranking Boost:

The number of keywords ranking in the top 10 search results increased by a remarkable 281% from July 2022 to February 2024.
This meant Max Protein appeared on the first page of search results for a wider range of relevant keywords.

Max Protein

1702 Digital has been an incredible asset to our digital strategy at Zuno. Their SEO solutions have really made a difference, helping us reach more people online.

Kunal Shah

DVP - Digital Marketing

Max Protein

Thanks to 1702 Digital, SBI Cap Securities is shining brighter online! Their SEO strategies have put us on the map, helping us reach more customers and tell our story better.

Bhavini Bangera

Brand, Communications

Max Protein

RiteBite Max Protein's journey with 1702 Digital has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their SEO prowess has given our brand a turbo boost, propelling us to the forefront of the digital health revolution.

Ravinder Varma

Brand Manager

Max Protein

Coverfox's digital journey got turbocharged with 1702 Digital on board. Their SEO smarts have put us ahead of the pack, making sure our message gets heard loud and clear in the online jungle.

Piyush Ranjan

CTO, Coverfox

Max Protein

MeduLance's success story wouldn't be complete without 1702 Digital. Their SEO expertise has opened doors to new possibilities, making our journey to reach and serve our audience smoother than ever.

Pranav Bajaj