The Objective

The team at Marico knew they hit the jackpot with the CocoSoul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil because of its innumerable properties and the benefits it offers to users. This bundle of 100% natural goodness boasts immunity-boosting advantages, which was something of prime importance at the time of launch. They didn’t just want to spread the word about this product, they wanted to encourage organic conversations with their audience.

Objective Image
Objective Image

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the nation amped up their efforts to look into, and inculcate healthy habits. This became known as the ‘Wave Of Realization’ and it manifested in the form of a storm of physical wellness that took over the internet. People were following everything from workout videos to healthy diets and hygiene, and we found this to be the perfect setting to launch the CocoSoul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. We reached out to 50 prominent influencers, and crafted the #PassTheCocoSoul challenge.

Our Results

Within the first week of launching the campaign, CocoSoul had reached 16,000+ users organically. By week 4, these numbers grew substantially, crossing the 1 million mark. This stellar reception also extended to the views which were over 10,000 by the first week and continuing to rise throughout the month, reaching 0.1 million views. This led to a record of organic engagement of 11.50%, with awareness analytics across metro cities and a few prominent Tier II & Tier III cities like Jaipur, Gorakhpur, Ujjain, and others. This helped us prove that even with a handicap in terms of platforms, we can create a stellar campaign that brings the results the brand needs.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

As this product was being launched bang in the middle of the lockdown, the first challenge for our team was to put aside everything all our usual avenues and create a campaign that would create a massive impact through the digital medium. With the goal of introducing the next must-have in everyone’s pantry, expanding the audience and increasing conversation, our team certainly had their hands full. But they quickly rose to the challenge, and created a massive, 30-day continuous digital activity, by reaching out to over 50 influencers, who rule the roost in the arenas of Lifestyle, Fitness, Food Health & Nutrition. These influencers were placed into 4 groups and were encouraged to use #PassTheCocoSoul challenge to increase awareness for the campaign. They put up stories on their social media accounts, giving viewers the option to swipe up and go to the CocoSoul Amazon or Website page. They also tagged other influencers to attempt the challenge, helping the campaign grow organically. Many of these influencers went a step ahead and posted product reviews after using it for cooking, which expanded the message and kept the interest among the audience high.

They Happy. We Happy!

“1702 Digital has been extremely helpful, using their experience to silence the distractions and navigate a clear path to a successful digital strategy.”

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