The Objective

Tata NQ had launched their products called Riteblend soil water, Riteblend Immuno, Riteblend protein, Gutshakti, Coconourish, Fossence, and Gossence which are prebiotics to both animals and humans. It improves their immune system and makes their gut healthy. These are supposed to be put into the aquafarms used in normal human food to reap their benefits. They wanted to create awareness about them and needed B2B event collaterals in various forms for the same.

Objective Image
Objective Image

The plan was simple, we had to create engaging B2B event collaterals designs for all their products inculcating their band guidelines into them. Before that, we needed a good understanding of their products.

Following were the products on which we had to work on:

Riteblend Soil water:
It breaks down the collection of unwanted organic matter in the Ecosystem and boosts Organism’s intestinal health.

Riteblend Immuno:
Boosts immunity and survival rate in shrimps and fish.

Riteblend Protein: Enhances muscle growth in fish.

Riteblend Recycle: Boosts the growth of phytoplankton and zooplankton, which helps recycle the aquafarm ecosystem.

Gutshakti: It is a 100% natural FOS prebiotic for cattle that boosts their intestinal health.
Cocnourish: Wide range of cocoa solutions that can be used in ice cream, premium dark chocolate, cookies, and so on.

Fossence: It is a sweet-tasting prebiotic and dietary fiber made from fermented cane sugar and reduces added sugar in your diet.

Gossence: It is a non-digestible carbohydrate, and acts as a prebiotic for the beneficial bacteria in the Gut.

Our Results

We planned to highlight the message of aquaculture farming and the importance of prebiotics for both humans and animals in the creatives. This would help the audience connect better with the brand. India is the 2nd largest producer of aquaculture products including vannamei shrimp, prawns, and fish. Over the past decade, the production and export of Vannamei shrimps have outpaced native species such as the Black Tiger. There are 10 times as many microbes in the body as human cells. The majority of them are colonized in the gut. The symbiotic relationship between the beneficial microbes [probiotics] and the human cells is key. All of the above communication was to be conveyed into the collaterals.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

Starting off we defined brand guidelines for them in detail. This included developing their logo and making a different version of the same, their typography, primary, secondary colors, and graphical elements. All of this will be followed with the design of their web pages, envelopes, social media posts, letterheads, and so on. We made the complete design for their human and animal nutrition product packaging. This included everything that one can see on the packaging i.e ingredients list, expiry, directions for use, front and back designs, colors, and so on. Complete broucher designs were made by us especially for their offline events for each of their products. #agoodgutfeeling was the core message conveyed in all of the creatives.

They Happy. We Happy!

“Back-to-back new launches, Brand assets, Packing designs executed with our signature 1702 style in record time, each time. ”

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