Industry : Marketing

Achieving 4X Top 1st Page Rankings for Business-Critical Keywords

Amplifying Online Visibility to Outshine Competitors and Drive High-Quality Leads Nationwide.



Arjuna Naturals aimed to enhance its online visibility and differentiate itself from competitors while generating high-quality leads across India.
Facing challenges with:

  • Ranking B2B dominated by aggregators
  • Optimizing scientific content and
  • Achieving single-page ranking for multiple keywords.

The objective was to boost search engine visibility, resolve technical issues, and position Arjuna Naturals as a trusted industry authority.

Strategic Approach

Grouping keywords by transactional and informative intent through keyword clustering.

Consolidating pages with identical target keywords and intent.

Developing a topical cluster around target keywords to bolster authority on key pages.

Incorporating FAQs to address 1-2% of targeted keywords and implementing FAQ schema to enhance click-through rates.

Establishing high-quality backlinks with targeted keyword anchor text, maintaining a 2-3% ratio for each keyword.

In just 7 months

Secured feature snippet for key terms like “bioavailable curcumin,” establishing industry leadership for Arjuna Naturals


Increase in first-page keyword rankings


Increased overall page views


Surge in organic traffic from non-branded keywords


Number of keywords ranking in the top 5 positions