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In competitive digital landscape, our prominent PPC services in Mumbai stands tall. Our team of PPC experts is renowned for delivering ROI-driven, full-funnel digital ads that ignite your business growth. With a keen focus on maximizing returns, we craft strategic campaigns that drive qualified traffic, boost conversions, and propel your success in the online realm. Experience the transformative power with 1702 a result oriented Pay Per Click company in Mumbai.

Why do You Need PPC Marketing for your Business?

Optimum Performance

Marketers know exactly what is going on with their PPC advertising campaigns at every phase, putting them in a much better position to optimize and reduce risk whenever required.

Measurable ROI

Helps uplift the brand across all metrics and grow leads and sales, ensuring that performance campaigns are always moving towards better results.

Real-time strategy update

By tracking and analyzing data in real-time, companies can make more informed decisions regarding where to allocate their resources and how to adjust their PPC marketing strategy.

Affiliate strategy benefits

Using affiliate marketers is a sales and performance-based advertising strategy that offers many benefits to both the business and the marketer.

Our PPC Service Approach

From Getting Clicks To Conversions, We Drive Customer Engagement Through:

Media Strategy & Planning

To advise strategic brand and media planning, we understand seasonality trends across consumer mindsets.

Media Buying & Execution

Our approach to converting consumer intent into revenue for our clients is embedded in our single-minded mission.

CRO & Lead Generation

With comprehensive efforts and correct strategies, we generate multitouch leads for your business.

Influencer Marketing

Our paid marketing professionals connect businesses, through impressive influencer content and marketing campaigns.

Repairing & Attribution Analysis

We combine attribute-based audiences with intent-based definitions to create high propensity audiences and cross-channel experiences.

SEM, Paid Social, WhatsApp, Programmatic & Display Ads

We analyse search ads, social creative, messaging, and website content, for our clients, based on relevance to consumer mindsets.

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John Doe
Why Choose 1702's Pay Per Click Service?
We are a result oriented PPC company in Mumbai. At 1702, we believe in the power of Pay Per Click marketing. We're not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks - we're using data-driven strategies to make sure your marketing efforts hit their mark. Our team brings a fresh perspective and outside-the-box thinking to every project. Being a leading PPC agency in Mumbai, we use cutting-edge tools and strategies to optimize PPC advertising campaigns and drive real, measurable results. We'll work with you to create a personalized plan that fits your unique needs and helps you reach your business goals.

So why choose 1702's PPC services? Because we're dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations in a fun and unconventional way. And let's be real, who doesn't want to work with a group of quirky individuals who know how to get the job done?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a comprehensive term for online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers pay marketing companies or advertising platforms. It works on performance factors that can be measured through advanced analytics. Also, utilizes advanced tracking tools to measure the accurate metrics related to actions. The primary advantage is that one can choose the action that benefits them the most and spend only when a person performs that specific action. PPC companies in India have experts who can get most of your PPC campaign. 

Digital marketing consists of a broad array of channels & strategies such as SEO, SMO, Email, etc. whereas PPC is a strategy that is a part of digital marketing that can involve optimizing these channels & strategies. The fundamental difference here is that pay per click marketing initiatives need you to pay for the ad spending only when the desired action is completed.

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing. It is a sales performance strategy to boost product sales by promoting your products in an affiliate network.

One can use a PPC based mindset to build better SEO campaigns for their business.
But, SEO-based campaigns aren’t performance marketing as one can’t pay for the results, and can’t have control over how to achieve visibility on search engines.

It depends upon the type of business one is looking to promote, the platform a business is ready to leverage and the end goal one wants to achieve. So some of the KPIs to consider after the  PPC Companies take campaign live, are CPC (Cost per click), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition), and conversion rate. These KPIs help to measure the performance of paid marketing campaigns, and list out the insights to improve further performance at a minimal cost.


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