The Objective

Cipla wanted to deepen its network of expert doctors by onboarding them onto their platform. For this reason, they needed engaging communications to be crafted for the same. They approached 1702 Digital to execute it for them and also make training collateral for the sales team and RMs (Relationship Managers).

They wanted to engage the pharmacy stakeholders with marketing collaterals to drive them to push the product. Additionally, they imagined to cross-promote the product with help of different creatives built into the product packaging itself for maximum results.

Objective Image
Objective Image

The initial idea was to negotiate deals with platforms such as ‘Docplexus’ and ‘Curofy’ to initiate onboarding campaigns for Doctors. At the same time, guidelines to create profiles were to be designed with the team to initiate organic awareness around the brand. The plan was to communicate to doctors through infographics, FAQs, videos, etc shared on their networking sites.

Our Results

Over 300 sales representatives engaged through WhatsApp and educational contests on social media. A landing page for R&R (Rest and Recovery) had over 20,000 visits with average view time of over 3 minutes.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

Cipla is an organization working in the pharmaceutical industry that works towards giving access to high-quality medicines to support patients in need. They have been trusted by health care professionals and patients across the globe for more than the last 8 decades. Through different touch-points identified, both online & offline, the communication flow and content strategy was identified and defined for the brand. The amalgamation of online touchpoints such as emailers, WhatsApp, SMS, and offline touchpoints such as standees, kiosk, danglers was created to ensure a seamless communication is in process. The entire communication flow was from prospecting to closing the conversation with doctors.

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