Industry : Marketing

Achieved a 22.15% Surge in Organic Revenue During Initial Months

Focused on enhancing online visibility, differentiating from competitors, and driving organic traffic for pan-India businesses.


Max Protein aimed to enhance its online visibility and attract potential customers across various categories, including protein bars, muesli, and more. Their primary goal was to educate potential customers on the benefits of protein and its role in improving health while increasing organic traffic and revenue. This strategy aimed to facilitate customer acquisition and retention for long-term growth and profitability.

Challenges :

  • Unoptimized category pages leading to poor on-page factors.
  • Insufficient internal linking structure hindering navigation.
  • High-authority magazines dominating search engine results, overshadowing brand visibility.
  • Blog content failing to resonate with the target audience, resulting in subpar quality.
  • Lack of product descriptions affecting user engagement and conversion rates.

To address these issues, the focus was on revamping the website and identifying relevant keywords to attract traffic.

Strategic Approach

Enhanced meta titles and descriptions for product category pages.

Improved content on category pages.

Implemented FAQ & FAQ Schema on category pages.

Optimized internal linking from blogs to category and product pages.

Upgraded product descriptions.

Launched targeted blogs for informational keywords to drive traffic.

Developed topical clusters for a structured content funnel and enhanced internal linking.

Introduced a BMI calculator to enrich user engagement and utility.

Implemented strategies led to
remarkable growth for Max Protein


Organic users surged


Organic sessions increased


Organic transactions improved growth in organic revenue