The Objective

Our goal for Arjuna Naturals was to improve their online presence by increasing their visibility in search engine results in pages for product-related B2B keywords. We will also address any technical and indexing issues that may be hindering their website’s performance. Additionally, we aim to establish Arjuna Naturals as a trusted source of top-quality content in their industry.

Arjuna naturals had challenges with

  • Rank for B2B Targeted keywords for which Aggregatores dominate SERP.
  • No Scope for optimizing existing content due to its scientific and research tonality.
  • Single Page Ranking for Multiple Keywords.
Objective Image
Objective Image

We strategized by

  • Segregated keywords into transactional and informative intent groups using keyword clustering.
  • Consolidated pages with the same target keyword and similar intent.
  • Created a topical cluster around target keywords to establish authority around money pages.
  • Added FAQ to cover 1-2% of Targeted keywords and FAQ schema to improve CTR.
  • Created high-quality backlinks with targeted keywords as anchor text, maintaining a ratio of 2-3% for each keyword.
  • .

Our Results

We 1702 Digital spearheaded a remarkable overhaul for Arjuna Natural’s digital presence, achieving a 4X increase in first-page keyword rankings and tripling the number of keywords ranking within the top 5 positions within a mere 7 months. The team’s astute optimizations have led to an impressive 73% surge in organic traffic from non-branded keywords, while overall page views have shot up by more than 50%. Notably, Arjuna Natural has also secured the coveted feature snippet for key terms such as “bioavailable curcumin,” cementing their position as a trailblazer in their industry.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

In a fiercely competitive industry, we ranked a website with the complexity of 100+ internal pages in a relatively short amount of time.

They Happy. We Happy!


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