The Objective

Cheffboss approached 1702 Digital intending to establish their digital brand identity and tonality. They wanted to solidify their brand affinity among their potential customers. They had just entered the market and we’re looking for ways to get more awareness about their products. Chefboss needed a brand new launch strategy that gives them much-needed visibility and drives sales for them consistently over a long period of time.

Objective Image
Objective Image

We started with designing a proper funnel for their overall brand and decided the various touchpoints at each section of the funnel. Our approach for tackling their problem statement was not a traditional one. We researched their TG and the competition in their sector to decide their communication and tonality accordingly. Contextual A+ media content for their social media, and marketplace, was combined with martech and influencer marketing for maximum impact.

Our Results

This is the C.H.A.N.G.E approach to communication that formed the pillar for all their future content. Cheffboss did not take credit for their creations because they are just a conduit, a medium, and everything is about their customer. We made a proper campaign timeline for them that included the launch and post-launch activities for 6 months from July to December. Now, with the above tonality, we were ready to execute the plan.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

The launch of the campaign was a simple strategy to get people engaged with the help of personalization. We took people from Instagram, Google ads, and Youtube banner ads to Chefboss’s landing page. Here they had to create a cartoon character for themselves using 'bitstrip' and select a recipe that they want to make. Now automatically, an instructional video would get created where they are the Cheffboss and the recipe was explained which has the brand's products used in it. We roped in the influencer, Kusha Kalia to spread this message.

They Happy. We Happy!


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