The Objective

Sometimes, to drive empowerment, financial support is needed. Which makes the concept of personal loans a boon for many. But, loans have long been thought of as a dry and boring topic of discussion. The team at Bajaj Finserv thus wanted to flip this scenario and let people know this process can be fun. They wanted to educate the consumers about the newly launched Flexi Personal Loans, through the digital medium.

Objective Image
Objective Image

Our team at 1702 Digital realised that since the Flexi Personal Loans had not been released online, the target audience did not comprehend the product well. Thus educating the consumer was of prime importance. But since this topic was not something considered exciting, they had to think of a way to make this information sharing process, something that would delight them. So they devised a fairly innovative content tech solution for maximum interactive engagement.

Our Results

The first of its kind gamified landing page in the BFSI Personal Loan category not only boosted the conversions up to 7x but also boosted page engagement by 55-60%. This main objective of the campaign, which was to educate and create traffic, engagement and longer session period was achieved. Which made it even better to see the game leading to a record of organic interactions in an average session time by 260%.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

Our team created a landing page for Flexi Personal Loans, in order to boost the engagement of the reach and session. This landing page carried a game curated by us to establish a connection with the audience and keep them on the page for longer. But to achieve this, they had to make sure the game was integrated with levels and scores to make sure it was engaging and new to the target audience. The landing page flow was created with the campaign introduction “Achieve Goals Kyunki #LoanFlexibleHai.” along with the game. The game was crafted around the concept of different levels as “Steps” and the main aim was to reach the top of the steps; with a doodle staircase depicting the user’s goals. There were bonus steps integrated to keep the user hooked. These steps included a variety of lifetime experiences such as Travel Abroad Step, Home Renovation Step, Medical Bills Step, and Emergency Expenses. And everytime the user landed on a step they could see how much financial support they would need and could see it being virtually accomplished with the aid of the Flexi Personal Loan. Along with this, the landing page also comprised user-generated content, providing more reasons for them to engage. Users would also have to fill in their personal details in order to play the game, giving the brand a higher chance of lead generation. The main attraction of this campaign was gamification and how it kept the traffic engaged and further led to the building of leads. The scoring of the user was provided with 2 different call to actions as Share & Challenge or Play Again & Score Better. This multiplied session time per user.

They Happy. We Happy!

“The 1702 team is incredibly efficient and works as an extension of our team, providing real-time metrics that clearly demonstrate the constant value that they’re delivering to our organization.”

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