The Objective

Our objective for Prama India was to rank non-branded keywords at the top of search engine results pages (SERP), by creating an SEO-friendly website structure and reducing website load time to an optimal level. Our ultimate goal was to improve organic traffic via non-branded terms, bringing in more potential customers than ever before. With 1702 Digital driving the charge, Prama India is set to take the digital world by storm!

Challenges that Prama India had with:

  • SERP space was dominated by top e-commerce players for CCTV and related products.
  • Website Indexation issues due to High website page speed and multiple downtimes.
  • Multiple broken internal links, unwanted tags, and category pages were indexed in SERP.
Objective Image
Objective Image

We strategized by

  • Conducted extensive keyword research and grouped them by targeted product categories.
  • Created individual category pages for high-margin product groups.
  • Optimized crawl budget by blocking and de-indexing unwanted tags and old broken pages.
  • Added well-structured and keywords optimized website content to targeted category pages for improved relevance.
  • Increased server space to accommodate graphic content and user traffic.
  • Optimized all elements of Onsite SEO and built high-quality backlinks (with emphasis on competitor backlinks).
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Our Results

Our SEO overhaul for Arjuna Natural drove explosive growth in organic traffic, with more than half of targeted keywords skyrocketing to the top of SERP rankings. The website’s performance was turbocharged, with significantly reduced downtime and faster page load times. Organic traffic soared by a staggering 114.6% in just eight months, driving a massive 140% increase in organic users. And the ultimate cherry on top? Securing top-three rankings for the highly competitive keywords “CCTV Monitor” and “Traffic Cameras.”

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

In a fiercely competitive industry, we ranked a website with the complexity of 100+ internal pages in a relatively short amount of time.

They Happy. We Happy!


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