The Objective

With such a large number of the new-age Indian population moving out, and the concept of nuclear families rising, the team at Fortune Foods sought to understand their needs. They observed the rise in interest for healthy eating habits and designed their newest offering to be a quick and healthy choice for their consumers. They chose to develop RTC Khichdi as their product, understanding that it is the most common comfort food in India.

Objective Image
Objective Image

They created 3 different flavours – Gujarati, Bengali and Punjabi to cater to a wider audience. Their objective with this campaign was to increase consideration for healthy eating and spread the word about Superfood Khichdi

Our Results

The Superfood Khichdi campaign was an absolute success, with 6L impressions along with a CTR of 1.4%. The 2in1 Interstitial Banner Video Campaign accumulated a total of 8.6L views and the collaboration with Hotstar yielded a total of 3.2L completed views. Facebook, Instagram & YouTube amassed a total of 56L completed video views.

The overall performance of the pre-buzz activities was a total of an engagement of 0.12 Million. Gobble’s overall performance was 1.2 million video views, with 4.8 million reach and total engagement of 30,000 with a 2.32% engagement rate.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

For “Khichdi With A Twist”, 1702 Digital leveraged a number of chef influencers to make LIVE cooking videos comprising interesting khichdi recipes. ● Collaborations were forged with influencers like Ajay Chopra, Gaurav Chawla and Ranjit Shaw who in turn hosted LIVE videos on both the brand’s and the influencer’s Facebook pages. ● A text & image-centric “Fortune Khichdi recipe book” was created by the team at 1702 Digital & shared via WhatsApp. ● The custom avatars designed for chefs made them look like superheroes. This made organic reach 4x higher than than the industry average for Facebook live videos. ● Collaborated with the content creator Viraj Ghelani, who made two videos with Gobble on “Fortune Superfood Khichdi Review” and “A Day In The Life Of - Viraj Ghelani” to amplify the product variants based on Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bengali Flavours.

They Happy. We Happy!

“1702 Digital has assisted in the development, tracking and analysis of our digital campaigns which have helped yielded a good ROI.”

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