The Objective

One of the first problem statements given to us was that Smaaash had heavily invested in a vast array of arena games, one of which was called “Laser Tag”. Laser Tag was unable to draw enough crowds for the past two quarters. The client had asked for a social media strategy plan that converted into footfalls, more word of mouth, and consequent revenue returns on Laser Tag during and after the campaign.

Objective Image
Objective Image

The idea was to leverage the PUBg craze among the college-going crowd by utilizing the Laser Tag real estate available with Smaaash. We decided to stage a PUBg competition every Sunday for ‘Solo’ and ‘Groups’ for 8 weeks and the shortlisted winners from each round would qualify for the Finale.

As our TG was predominantly young college students, the creative tonality adopted was very vibrant. The copies used in our performance campaigns were to tap cult references that our community within the TG would resonate with, even the logos and offline creatives were crafted similarly.

Our Results

An unprecedented total of 1000+ registrations was done for this campaign. Through the power of organic content marketing, Instagram Followers and Facebook like naturally increased by 8000 and 6000 respectively during the campaign period.

And finally, the metric that made Smaaash a strong contender for a great social-first brand: Laser Tag became a college-hold name across Mumbai according to the surveys conducted in the 7th week. Further, through the critically acclaimed and award-winning landing page form for Smaaash PubG, the campaign was able to collect more than 20,000 unique relevant data of people who were interested in Smaaash for further upselling on other products.

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What makes this client’s execution truly unique?

Capitalizing on the existing customers was our first move. For the PUBg competition, email & SMS drip marketing was done to the database of Smaaash consumers falling in the age group of 15-25. Using Google Search, Display, Facebook/Instagram, a 30-70% split was kept on branding and performance respectively to reach the TG. Repeated mails and SMS with special freebies were sent to those who had filled the form but not completed the payment to further drive registration. Micro-influencers and college IPs on Twitter and Facebook were roped in to boost awareness for Laser Tag. Activities were carried out at colleges like Somaiya and NM where we did actual drone airdrops engaging with the students on-ground while driving registrations. Live coverage of the event was done across all social media platforms with continuous updates to drive engagement. Offline messages for the event helped to drive engagement and UGC (User Generated Content) around the event.

They Happy. We Happy!


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