5 Myths of Affiliate Marketing In India

95% of the bloggers try out affiliate marketing for ONE reason: to make money.

But only 4-5% of them really know how to make good money out of Affiliate Marketing.

The team at 1702 Digital has years of helping its clients out with their affiliate marketing questions and its benefits for businesses.

We observed that there are a lot of myths attached to affiliate marketing. 1702 Digital will compile and list down the top 5 myths related to affiliate marketing.

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Here are few affiliate marketing myths to help you solve your confusions:


  • High Traffic leads to High Profit


Getting traffic by writing click-baity content will not give you sales. Profit only depends on relevancy of the traffic and conversion through it.

A monthly traffic of 1000 relevant and engaged visitors > A monthly traffic of directionless 100,000 visitors. In most affiliate programs less than 10% of affiliates drive 90% of traffic and conversions. Do not promote products that fall outside your niche.

Eg: If an e-commerce website for Women fashion has 70% of traffic of male buyers, then the traffic number may high but the conversion towards sales will be low.

Here’s the mantra: Choose a niche. Stick to it. Keep watering that niche. Keep getting the relevant target footfall to keep the conversion rate and hence, your profitability high. 


  • Affiliate Marketing gives you Overnight success


Many think that affiliate marketing will give you a 6 figure income within the very first month.

As they say, ‘overnight success’ takes years to come. 

Before you start to make money, you need to produce highly trustable and useful content and build some authority within a niche.

It needs a good amount of research of the product and target audience before one steps into it.

One needs to have super regular content to keep the customers hooked. 

There is nothing quick about affiliate marketing, it is more about mastering the skills in gaining the trust of your audience regarding the products and services you promote.


  • Just need Tech Skills to ace affiliate marketing


Remember: Great affiliate marketers are great content marketers. 

If your writing doesn’t gather traction, we suggest working upon that first or contact our team of content marketers.

Your primary goal as an affiliate marketer should be to raise awareness, to make your audience aware that a product exists and just might suit their interests even as you place a link to that product on the same page. 

There are three basic approaches that will help you generate perfect content:

– Choosing a relatable and share-worthy topic of interest

– Storytelling

– Proper usage of CTA

Seamless integration with your content is the key. There’s a reason why affiliate is not placed in the display network segment.  

Just by posting links, one cannot earn money.

Your promotion of the product you’re doing affiliate marketing for should feel honest, unobtrusive and real. Affiliate should not feel like blatant advertising.


  • Email Id collection is not important


You’all have heard that data is God, right? Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, as marketer, data is your religion.

But you also remember how you ruthlessly sent promotional emails to SPAM.

So if data is God and Email id collection is data, wouldn’t that make God Spam?

Okay, wait, we’d relent on the mind twisters.

Serious note, a lot of our clients come to us with this trouble where they have relevant traffic and even then their revenue number aren’t as great as their friend’s number doing affiliate marketing

While we do our diagnosis and consultancy, we found that one of the critical mistakes that our affiliate marketing client were making was that they weren’t collecting emails from Day 1.

If you’re emails are just selling to the face of the customer, they’re probably find themselves in the junk box. But if you’re actually providing value to the customer, email marketing would work wonders to increase traffic and help your profits from affiliate grow.


  • Flood Your Website with Banner Ads, Footers, Headers and Side Ads


You are writing on the internet because you want to earn, right? You put ads and creatives on every small nook and corner of your page.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a blogger or affiliate can ever do.

Why, you ask?

It makes it next to impossible for visitors to surf around your cluttered UI. It starts making your site resemble one of those spammy-virus ridden websites. It looks unprofessional, in short.

Do you know what’s going to happen if you do this?

Internet users, who are real human beings, will click the back button before your hard written blog could even start engaging them. Your page bounce rate will increase and Google may start crawling down your SERP rankings before you know it.

Affiliate marketing requires patience. You shouldn’t worry about monetization and ads in the first few weeks of your blog. It has to be planned very well.

Wait until you have at a few credible posts published. Wait until people start recognizing you in your niche.

It is then that you can place an ad once or twice in your main sidebar. 

Having set a lot of myths straight, this infographic still remains true: 

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