Is Email Marketing Relevant In The 21st Century?

As a marketer, you may have overheard colleagues discussing how email marketing is dead. But let us tell you, email marketing is unquestionably beneficial in this industry.

Email marketing is still quite effective. In fact, 45% of B2B marketers believe email newsletters are perhaps an essential element of their content marketing strategy, and 70 % of the younger generation prefer to communicate with firms through email.

Furthermore, 98% of customers check their email every day, and it is by far the perfect way to receive brand-related information.

This is why your brand needs a strategic email marketing plan.  Some of the strategies you used last year may no longer be effective in 2022, so you must modify your plan.

An efficient email marketing plan may help you reach the overall objective:

  • Visualize your email marketing on a wide scale and consider how each campaign relates to your business objectives.
  • Boost the return on investment of your email marketing.
  • Integrate email marketing into your entire marketing strategy.

Why is email marketing one of the most effective marketing strategies?

To begin with, email marketing is relatively affordable. Email services are frequently free or very low-cost.

Sending emails at scale in India and at an optimized level can cost anywhere between INR 0.1 to INR 0.3. Even with a 3% – 8% open rate, costs per open would range from INR 1 to INR 8. This is as cheap, if not cheaper than most ad inventories available out there. Imagine getting an interested customer to go through a long-form letter of your latest offerings for as low as INR 1 to INR 8

Next, email marketing tactics are quite simple to set up. You may execute email campaigns without your direct involvement using email automation solutions. Some of these e-mail automation solutions that 1702 Digital usually implements for its clients include

  1. Hubspot
  2. Salesforce
  3. Send In Blue
  4. Netcore

Furthermore, it is extremely lucrative. E-mail marketing consistently provides significant investment returns. It’s an implemented business investment that produces incredible returns.

Here are five reasons why email marketing will still be crucial in 2022.

1. Customers are more likely to remain engaged and reliable

Engage with your consumers with email advertising campaigns. Promotional emails are ideal for informing your audience and promoting your brand.

Keep these guidelines in mind while utilizing email marketing to reach out to your consumers:

  • Your email marketing content must be powerful. You can discuss how your product answers their problems, its features and optimal usage, and so on.
  • Diversify your email content by sending it in interactive formats. Include movies, infographics, GIFs, and other newsletter formats.
  • Keep your subject lines brief and to the point. Be forthright or ask questions that pique their interest. This will boost open rates.
  • Minimize the number of emails you need to send per month. This is where a lot of organizations (particularly banks and e-commerce companies) get email marketing wrong. They feel it is necessary to inform users of every new discount, new offer, or new price change. Send not more than 3 e-mails per month per user and see your open rates skyrocket and your costs go down

2. In terms of results, it outperforms most other marketing channels

Email marketing, believe it or not, has the greatest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing channel.

Therefore, email marketing generates an ROI of more than $40 for every $1 spent .

Furthermore, it improves conversion rates. It’s 30% more efficient and effective than other social networking platforms.

To achieve the greatest results, keep track of your email marketing campaign’s data, such as click-through rates, interactions, bounce rates, and so on.

3. Emails raise brand awareness

They help your customers better comprehend your brand. Your audience will have a better understanding of what you stand for if you talk about your beliefs, mission, goods and services, and so on. As your customers have a deeper understanding of your brand, it becomes easier for them to advocate for you.

Consider these suggestions when sending emails to increase brand recognition.

  • To improve brand memory and connection, always include your logo and company name.
  • Make sure your messages stand out.
  • To boost awareness and attract consumers, use consistent branding across all your communications.

4. Email Marketing Can Be Personalized

Email marketing allows marketers to develop personalized materials for clients based on their purchasing habits, travel patterns, behaviors, and other characteristics.

Use data trackers and analytics to learn about the interests of your customers. Also, what kinds of items or content do they prefer?

In short, you can utilize email automation software solutions to determine where your customers are in the sales funnel and produce content accordingly.

5. Emails interact smoothly with your other marketing channels

Emails can boost the effectiveness of other channels in an integrated marketing strategy, such as social media marketing, webinars, and content marketing. Add clickable social network buttons in the footer of your newsletter and integrate social media postings in your newsletter.

Visitors may then follow your social media pages. Emails are also ideal for marketing your webinars and providing further information about them. Whatever marketing campaign you’re conducting, email can almost always be used to reinforce it. That is how adaptable the channel is.

Consider the following tips while utilizing email marketing to supplement your integrated marketing strategies:

  • Maintain consistency in your branding across all mediums.
  • Include social network buttons and website links to keep them engaged on additional platforms.

Hence, email marketing methods are a successful way to engage with potential consumers and get crucial information.

And these tools will assist you in developing a consistent buyer experience and increasing brand recognition among your target audience.

The approaches discussed above will assist you in developing strong email marketing strategies that persuade new customers to interact with your company.

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